Method for running Facebook Ads without Rejected

You can run Facebook Ads without rejection by following some guidelines. Here’s a complete guide to launching a Facebook ad campaign, to date the method is working.

Step-by-step instructions on how to bypass Rejected in Facebook Ads:

  • Step 1: Selecting a Campaign Target

The first and important step is choosing the right target for your advertising campaign. Note that once launched, advertising is difficult to change, so choosing the right target is the key to a successful launch.

  • Step 2: Send Campaign for Verification

After launching your campaign, wait until it goes to review and the status changes to “in review”.

  • Step 3: Disabling Ads

Upon receiving “in review” status, disable your listings. This is an important step to prevent possible rejection during the verification process.

  • Step 4: Advanced Settings with Dolphin{cloud}

If you use Dolphin autofill{cloud}, make sure that the appropriate setting is enabled when you run ads.

  • Step 5: After Passing Moderation Turn Ads Back On

After successful moderation, include your ads back in. Make sure they meet Facebook’s standards and enjoy an effective ad campaign.

Our proposed scheme successfully passed moderation and 5 ads were approved without rejection. Congratulations on the successful launch of your Facebook Ads campaign, we wish you further success in promoting your business. Good luck with the advertising!

Additional tips

If Facebook Profile Health (FP) goes from green status to yellow status, which is new, it shows up in the profile settings (not on the homepage). If the status turns yellow, the video will be sent for moderation, otherwise expect mass rejections.

There is also a small hypothesis, based, on experience in posting video content. If you publish a video somewhere on the left-hand page, chances are Facebook will pre-moderate it, making the moderation process a little easier. But it’s not confirmed at large volumes, so be careful!

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