Which payment systems to use for Facebook Ads?

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Capitalist is the most popular payment service among affiliates and webmasters. The big advantage is that the service issues euro cards, which are perfect for all types of advertising.

How to get started with Capitalist?

  • Go through a simple registration, where you specify all your reliable data; 
  • Pass the verification: it is necessary to fill in some data and upload the documents;
  • Turn off the checkbox “place of residence coincides with the place of stay”; 
  • Indicate your place of residence.

Now you can issue cards for advertising; the price for each card issue starts from $2.95.


karta io

This is one of the youngest payment systems. It was founded in 2020. The advantage of this service is an unlimited issue of U.S. cards for advertising campaigns on Facebook ads and Google Ads.

A huge advantage of this service is the free issue of cards in unlimited quantities.

The disadvantage of Karta.io is that the service is designed for webmasters with a large turnover (from 10000$).

Registration in Karta.io is very simple. In just a few minutes you will be able to register and after that, the manager will contact you to confirm the account.

With this service, you can easily control all your costs, because detailed statistics is built in.

Advanced Cash

advanced cash

It is a very good service in use, but its registration is not simple; it is necessary to confirm your EU citizenship.

The cards of this service are also ideal for advertising on Facebook ads and Google ads. You can also get physical cards if needed.

The cost of each issued card is $10. There is a 1% recharge fee.

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