Meta to add AI to Ads Manager by the end of 2023

Meta, the owner of popular social platforms, has announced the introduction of innovative features on its Ads Manager advertising platform designed to make the process of creating advertising campaigns more intuitive and efficient. The new AI-powered tools will be activated on all user accounts by the end of 2023, providing marketers with powerful creative optimization capabilities. Global access to all features should be expected only next year.

According to Bloomberg, these innovative features will not only significantly save time when creating ads, but also provide marketers with a wide range of variations, helping to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. All this will be available within Meta Ads Manager.

One of the key areas of development is the use of artificial intelligence to generate images and advertising texts. Users will be offered a choice of background images for banners, as well as automatic adaptation of banner formats to different social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. The third tool will be dedicated to generating ad copy based on the product information provided.

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