Norway forces ISPs to block unlicensed gambling sites

The Norwegian government has introduced a new bill that aims to restrict access to illegal gambling sites. The government of Norway has put forth a new legislative proposal with the aim of curbing access to illicit gambling websites. The proposal stipulates that internet service providers must employ technical strategies, such as DNS blocking, to limit access to certain sites.

This initiative is a part of a broader effort to reinforce the state’s authority over gambling activities. Additionally, the government has issued a warning about the potential for an outright prohibition on unregulated sites starting in 2024.

In Norway, financial establishments are already tasked with monitoring and obstructing transactions associated with illegal gambling. The Norwegian Lottery Authority has declared its intention to oversee nine banks to ensure adherence to the law.

Norway is among the handful of European nations where the state retains a monopoly on gambling. Norsk Tipping manages online casinos and sports betting, while Norsk Rikstoto supervises horse racing. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is advocating for Norway to adopt a licensing system, similar to other countries.

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