Netflix and Light & Wonder are creating a grail machine Squid Game

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Netflix is venturing into the online gambling realm through a collaboration with Light & Wonder. The streaming giant has granted a license for a themed slot machine based on its immensely popular South Korean series, Squid Game. The debut of the Squid Game slot machine is scheduled for G2E in Las Vegas this week.

Players will be immersed in renditions of the show’s iconic challenges, including Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War, and The Glass Tile. An online slot inspired by Squid Game is also in the pipeline, featuring three exclusive bonus rounds inspired by the series, including a jackpot ranging from $200,000 to $400,000.

This release follows the successful trend set by previous TV-show-themed slot games like Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal, and Narcos. While Narcos was also a Netflix hit, the slot game was originally a collaboration between NetEnt and the French film studio Gaumont.

Light & Wonder’s Squid Game slot machine is anticipated to hit casino floors in 2024. The game will be hosted on the Horizon jumbo cabinet, featuring a 75-inch screen with 600,000 micro-LED pixels and a 27-inch touchscreen. The machine is equipped with dual-play buttons and even includes a mobile phone charger.

The eagerly awaited second season of Squid Game is slated for release on 22 November 2023, introducing “Squid Game: The Challenge.” This new installment will pit 456 international competitors against each other for a grand prize of $4.56 million.

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