Google Search Central has two new articles for analyzing traffic data

Two updated pages have been added to the Google Search Central documentation, previously presented in the form of blog posts. Both pages, written in English, focus on the analysis of search traffic data.

The first page, titled “Debugging drops in Google Search traffic,” provides a detailed description of methods for identifying reasons for a decrease in search traffic. The article explains the use of Google Search Console and Google Analytics tools for a thorough analysis of traffic on a website. It helps identify changes in search algorithms, check for modifications to the site, and determine other potential reasons for a decrease in traffic.

The second page, “Improving SEO with a Search Console bubble chart,” introduces methods for analyzing data using a bubble chart in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio). The article describes the use of Google Search Console tools for a deeper analysis of website traffic. It allows users to identify popular pages on the site and discover queries most frequently used to search for the site.

Both pages offer valuable insights for website owners looking to enhance their search engine optimization and increase traffic to their resources.

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