Google Play gives the green light for the distribution of real money games.

Google Play has expressed its intention to allow the distribution of real-money games in India following certification by self-regulatory bodies in accordance with the IT Amendment Rules, 2023. Last year, Google Play launched a limited pilot project, permitting the distribution of fantasy sports and rummy apps from Indian developers.

Initially, a one-year timeline was set, starting from September 28, 2022, to allow the use of apps in these categories. This move could have a negative impact on gaming companies facing high taxes.

According to Google Play’s console page, only valid licensed or authorized apps for gambling in categories such as online casinos, sports betting, horse racing (regulated separately from sports betting), lotteries, and daily fantasy sports are currently allowed.

A Google representative stated that they intend to allow the distribution of online real-money games on Google Play that are certified by self-regulatory bodies and comply with their policies.

“We intend to allow the distribution on Google Play of all online real-money games verified by self-regulatory bodies that comply with our policies. We are closely monitoring all developments in this regard to determine the next steps and timelines,”

– said a Google representative.

Google has also announced that after the completion of the pilot program, no new applications will be accepted. However, existing applications in the program will remain available on Google Play until January 15, 2024.

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