Facebook’s new service leaking Facebook’s ad campaign stats is causing concern

The new service leaking statistics of Facebook advertising campaigns raises concerns. Unknown developers have launched a service that provides detailed statistics of advertising campaigns from the Facebook Ads Manager. This service, dubbed a “spy service on steroids,” can be utilized by both solo webmasters and teams.

The cost of the service is currently unknown, but it is speculated to start at $300-500. Despite the potential usefulness of this service, users should exercise caution as similar offerings may be fraudulent.

The service provides reports with detailed information about advertising campaigns, including the cost per result, CPM, CPC, frequency of impressions, targeting details (age, interests, gender, geography), bid rate (in manual mode), budget change history, and URL parameters of the advertising creative.

However, the most alarming aspect is that the owners of this “service” have access to other users’ Facebook advertising accounts. This raises concerns about potential breaches of confidentiality and data security.

Representatives from Facebook and Meta have not yet commented on this situation. It is worth noting that Facebook support staff should not have direct access to users’ advertising accounts. They are hired by other companies providing services to Facebook.

In light of this, users should exercise extra caution when using such services and always verify the source of information.

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