Ahrefs will stop serving 15% of users, for better optimization

Ahrefs, a leading developer of SEO analytics tools, has announced the impending discontinuation of renewals for about 15% of legacy accounts that consume the most data. This decision is aimed at improving the service for all other users.

Dmitry Gerasimenko, the founder of Ahrefs, recently shared a significant update on Twitter. About two years ago, the company faced challenges due to data sharing and parsing issues. In response, they implemented additional servers, a third data processing center, and introduced a credit system.

The credit system effectively stabilized query volumes, making Ahrefs faster and more versatile. Now, the company is concluding this transition by ceasing updates for the most resource-intensive accounts.

Affected accounts will receive notifications a month before the expiration of old subscriptions. This allows users to evaluate Ahrefs’ value and decide whether to continue under new terms or explore alternative providers.

This decision aims to standardize conditions for all clients and allocate resources to enhance services across various subscription plans.

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