The right approach in arbitrage to crashgame


In the world of entertainment, new formats are constantly emerging to appeal to different categories of users. However, many people believe that it is impossible to win at slots. So, how you need to deal with such rejections? The answer is simple – offer something unique. This is where crash games come into the picture, which have been a real hit over the past two years.

What is Crash Games

Crash games is a new game format that gives players the illusion of making decisions on their own. This may include independently determining when to complete the “spin” and collect the winnings, as well as independently setting the level of risk. This gives the illusion of more control over the game, although in reality crash games work on the same principles as classic slots.

In crash games, the gambler can “make decisions for himself”. Why we wrote it in quotes will be explained later. But here’s what it looks like for the player:

  1. Self-deciding when to close the “scroll”! to collect the winnings.
  2. Self-setting of the risk level (analogous to the number of lanes in slots).
  3. As a rule of thumb, a more frequent pickup of at least 6 some winnings (even if they are less than the bet made).

Understanding the mechanics of the game

In fact, the independence of the player here is exactly as much as in classic slots. Despite the outward appeal of crash games, it is important to realize that the system will still average out a player’s winnings and take whatever it has. But it’s not so obvious to the player, and psychologically it’s easier to take.

Variety of crash games

There are many crash game developers who offer a variety of games to the users. For example:

  • Aviator: One of the most popular crash games where players need to “fly” as far as possible.
  • JetX: It’s analogous to Aviator, where the hero flies in a spaceship.
  • Lucky Jet: This is almost a complete analog of Aviator and JetX, but here a person flies a jetpack instead of an airplane.
  • Plinko: In this game, players can choose the number of “lines” the marbles must traverse, as well as the number of marbles.

Crash games continue to gain momentum and popularity around the world. They offer a unique entertainment format for users to experience the game in a new way. Regardless of whether you win or not, it’s important to remember that the most important thing about the game is to have fun.

How to choose the right approach to arbitrage such games

Typically, creative and advertising campaigns promoting crash games are not much different from traditional slots. They use emotion, skids, attractive phrases. You can also use a less popular approach – news.

In the realm of iGaming applying a standard approach, it is important to realize that it is not necessarily necessary to force players to deposit a minimum amount in order to get a big win. This traffic may not be profitable, and the ads may soak up some of the payout.

However, a large part of the target audience for gambling and betting is young people. The new mechanics were created to appeal to younger players and a female audience. It’s important not to cheat players by promising them something they won’t get, and to incentivize them to play rather than commit fraud. This will help keep their interest as they do not yet have the mentality of a target audience for gambling.

This brings challenges and opportunities: incentivize players to redeposit, constantly encourage them to come back and try out different “strategies”. And it’s working! Since the mechanics of crash games allow players to set the rules themselves, it’s easier for them to see if they can win using their wits and strategies. Marketers are actively using this approach, especially in the area of schema traffic, which is used in crash games for different geographic regions.

One of the most effective ways, which is almost identical to schemes, is to use media personalities for incentives. There have been cases where crash games have been promoted through collaborations with famous athletes such as Neymar. Many CIS bloggers actively advertise crash games in their social networks, and some are even ready to assure their audience that this is a really profitable game. Such schemes can be profitable for arbitrageurs who can create many different creatives.

Crash games, due to their specificity, convert not only through keywords (PPC), SEO and targeting, but also through other channels such as cannon, teasers, purchasing social media posts and messengers. However, it is important to consider the factor of geography. Different games are popular in different countries, and crash game developers are actively utilizing this in their advertising campaigns in an attempt to target specific geographic regions. Influencers are thus becoming one of the main tools for advertising crash games.

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